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Daily Journal · 02 March 2018
After meandering through villages the last few days, we are most definitely in the Gobi now. All the land to our north is flat. It is completely covered with dark stones except for the commonly dispersed tiny brown shrub. It looks lifeless, although I know there must be some living things out here we have yet to see signs of. I wonder if we ever will. The day was filled with our usual philosophical debates. Todays topics were about what makes up a person's identity, and whether our trip is...

Daily Journal · 01 March 2018
We don’t recommend walking the Silk Road. It’s boring and uneventful. IF you want a load of time to listen to podcasts, talk at length with your friends about topics that may or may not really matter, look at flat nothingness for days on end, practice your slack jaw, interact with people from all over the world, test yourself physically and mentally, and understand the world as a whole better, then I guess you may find what we’re doing interesting. I joke but in reality, the understanding...

Daily Journal · 28 February 2018
From one unexpected 'bin guan' to another. Today we walked county roads along what seemed to be seasonal wetlands on the edge of a series of streams coming from the mountains to our southwest. As barren as it has been, and as we thought this new place would be, we are pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by tall, currently dried out, grasses, trees, and streams. In the recent heat wave, the series of streams that run perpendicular to our road are beginning to thaw, the standing water in the...

Daily Journal · 27 February 2018
Today was the first time in months in which I woke up in my tent with no resemblance of winter. The usual frost that lines the inside of my tent only to fall as snow every time I grazed a wall was nowhere to be seen. None of my water froze nor did I need to keep it in my sleeping bag with me while I slept. The day was pleasant from those first moments. Our muesli breakfast was supplemented with almond milk given to us by a stranger on the road the day before. The weather is wonderful. I am back...

Daily Journal · 26 February 2018
Today was our first Facebook Live event! It was amazing to start our day by having a conversation with people from all over the world. All who were there to ask us questions and generally support us on our walk. Big shout out to the Insight Adventures and Voyager Outward Bound School communities who came out in numbers! Thanks, y'all. Watch our whole event here. Our goal was to raise money for us to be able to walk across Iran but we neither made much money, nor talked at length about Iran....

Daily Journal · 15 February 2018
Happy Spring Festival, y’all!
Daily Journal · 14 February 2018
Today was a quiet day as we await the Chinese New Year to come. Turns out the fireworks are not till tomorrow night. The city is a weird mix of bustling and empty as seemingly every place is closed in the walking district, yet the streets are packed with people. Some random fireworks have gone off, a prelude of what is just around the corner. One thing I have always found enjoyable about different cultures is learning of the unknown assumptions I have always had. For example, I assumed that the...
Daily Journal · 12 February 2018
Today we checked out of our room in Yumen and put our trailers into hotel storage. We walked to the train station and headed to Dunhuang where we plan to chill and celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.
Daily Journal · 11 February 2018
Today was a quiet day. Physically recovering from the ultra-marathon the previous day, we finally aroused ourselves to get food around noon. Venturing out we found that everyone was out in the streets, shoveling. Apparently, a town as big as Yumen doesn't have plows. It was a real experience seeing everyone come out and work together for a common goal. Today we realized that if we continued as planned we would end up in the heart of nowhere desert for Chinese New Year. We decided that we ought...

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