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If you care to give us a little support during our walk, the help is greatly appreciated!


This team has been working hard to plan and fund every aspect of this expedition, but as with any large project, we need some support! Support can come in many forms from wise words of family, friends, and peers to monetary donations and necessary expedition items. 

To make a monetary donation just click the PayPal button below. 

Currently we are raising money so we can change our route to walk across Turkmenistan and Iran, countries that are respectively some of the least known and misrepresented countries in the world. Part of our mission is to bring light and awareness to countries such as these, which is one large factor in our desire to alter our route. In order to legally walk through both of these nations, we are required to have a local guide, which is why the cost is so much higher, and fundraising is necessary. If you want to read more about the route change, check out our Proposed Route Change page and feel free to watch our short video below!

To read about the extensive and excellent variety of our current donors check out our "Partners" page. Thank you for your generous consideration.

Silk Walk Expedition


Our mission is to walk from one symbolic end of the Silk Road to another weaving together stories of People, Places, and Purpose.




Наша миссия - пройти от одного символического конца Шёлкового Пути до другого, переплетая истории различных Мест, Людей, и их Целей.