Day 113: First Sandstorm


I want to fully share the experience of the day,

I don't know how I truly can.



How can I make you feel

wind cutting through you,

finding every crack in your layers,

the only form of defense.

Sand pelting all over, 

settling in your eyes, 

gritting underneath the lids with every blink.

Skin being numb from cold, 

while the body is overheating.

Stumbling with a sudden gust,

balance being tested while walking.

Stumbling again as a truck passes feet away, 

as the air's currents suddenly shift

 pushing one moment,

pulling the next.



How can I make you hear the


of the branches,

as they clash within the trees.


 of every lose corner of material,

preparing to take flight.



drowning out all but the nearby sounds.



How can I make you see

                                     brown haze overtaking the horizon,

                                         making the world much smaller.

                                                         Sand dancing across the road,

                                               announcing that this is its day.

                                 Trucks emerging out of the sand,

       vanishing just as quickly.

                         Trash clinging to anything it can grab hold of,

shaking, unable to let go and move on.



How can I make you taste 

Gritty sand, coating lips and edges of mouths.

Ever-present sand, 

making its presence felt in each sip of water.



How can I make you smell 




as the sand clogs the sense.



How can I make you anticipate

sanctuary of the indoors at the end of the day,

only to be turned away for being foreigners in a small town.

Needing to return to that isolated truck stop,

as the police drive us 46 km to the closet hotel for foreigners.



How can I make you contemplate

that this is only the beginning.

Anticipating that the desert

will stretch on for the next three months.

Soon there will be no breaks from the elements,

this will only get tougher.


But I cannot

truly share the experience,

you would have to have been there.


Distance: 24 km

Total Distance: 1660 km

End: Yumen - Hotel



Written by Timb

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    K (Friday, 24 August 2018 19:58)

    Well written poem!

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