Why do we want to change the route?

It is in the hopes of making our route more enjoyable for us and more impactful for our followers. 


Our current route takes us from the desert in Uzbekistan, into the desert in Kazakhstan, where we would then spend two months walking through a giant oil field. This route is in a more water stressed and hostile area, and currently perhaps the most dangerous section of our trip.


Our proposed new route would instead take us first across Turkmenistan, a country that is one of the least known around the world, having only just recently begun to give out tourist visas. We believe exploring and sharing with the world this newly opened nation fits in with our mission of connecting people, places, and purpose. 


Following our stint in Turkmenistan, we would cross into Iran. For us the pull to visit Iran is strong, and it comes from all directions. Iran is arguably the nation with the biggest disjunction between how it is perceived and how it is experienced. While Americans often view Iran as a terrible and dangerous place in which no one would ever want to travel, most people who visit immediately fall in love with the people and places. Iran is a fertile land filled with the history of the ancient Persian Empire and of course, the Silk Road. Giving you, our followers, a window into modern Iran is again, an opportunity to live out our mission and create more understanding across cultures and continents. 


Why do we need more money?

Both Turkmenistan and Iran require us to have a guide the entire time we are within their country.


Because of political pasts and unstable present, these countries require that Americans are accompanied every day of their visit by a local guide. Though this will certainly add substantial costs to our journey, we realize it will be a hugely enriching experience to have a local along with us. Our estimate, based on our current pace and the researched cost of a guide in these countries, is that we will need to raise 7,500 USD to make this all possible. 


We would greatly appreciate any financial support you can offer us, as well as your support in spreading the word about us and our story. Everything helps, even little donations certainly do add up!

Silk Walk Expedition


Our mission is to walk from one symbolic end of the Silk Road to another weaving together stories of People, Places, and Purpose.




Наша миссия - пройти от одного символического конца Шёлкового Пути до другого, переплетая истории различных Мест, Людей, и их Целей.